[ System News ]

7/16/2020 - I had to consolidate some servers together and shut some down because the front computer room temperature was up to 104 degrees.  Right now the ASIC Z9' are making alot of heat with such hot weather outside.   All of our games are back online except for MineCraft and some less popular SteamCMD Games.  I will bring the two PowerEdge servers back online once its a little cooler outside.  In the winter months all the computers keep the house heated for free.  During the summer time its just so darn hot..  We use too much power to run a window A/C in the front room like we did last year.  I do have to stay with the Z9 Bitcoin miners because thats what pays the bills around here.  Pretty much everything should be running at normal using the Two Basement servers which are i7 machines.  Enjoy.

7/13/2020 - I am sure you noticed we are giving the website a slight facelift for quicker browsing.  Hope you like it.  Were going every day.  I will be taking some pictures of the new equipment that we brought online and some of the ASIC mining Pool.

7/7/2020 - You can now download Unreal Tournament 99/GOTY and 2004 from the Unreal Tournament Page.  We are supplying the full install and most recent patch if you are unable to find your discs.  I have also been adding some new movies to the AXISFLIX.COM movie site.  Please check it out.   We are running on my two local networks here.  A Xfinity Gigabyte and a Verizon DSL connection.  If speeds are slow on the one I suggest you try the other or mirror.   Please take some time to checkout what we have for sale on [ CRAIGSLIST ] and help support the system expansion.  We also have over 155,000 files for download from our [ WildCAT BBS ].   I will be expanding the FTP section of that software to help with transfers.

7/3/2020 -  Moved some hardware around, Installed Two new NVidia GTX 1650 Super card to the systems, Also added Two more NVidia GT 1030 cards.  Website and BBS are going well, Installed some new systems to the mix for SlushPool Mining. [ HARDWARE ]  is updated there so you can see.   Also added Two more AntMiner Z9/Mini ASIC Miners and all the windows and steam game updates.  Its been a busy 24 hours here, lol.  Hope you enjoy!

6/27/2020 - I am going to start letting the website and bbs run itself for while.  I haven been making and money from it so i need to spend more time on the stuff that does generate revenue like the bitcoin mining and selling of movies/videos.  If you want to donate i would greatly appreciate it, contact me at jonspatz@hotmail.com or on my FACEBOOK.  Thank you.

6/20/2020 - Updated all of our operating system software as well as the server software.  Moved some servers around to optimize the mining of Bitcoin as well as getting the most performance out of our games and utilities that are running.  The file section on the [ WildCat BBS ] is missing some files but they are being copied to the server as i am typing this so they should all be online by the end of the night.  45,000+ Files in over 200 File Directories.  The [ MineCraft ] server is really busy, I dedicated an ENTIRE machine to running it, Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz with 32 megs of ram.  We are currently running 0.620 Ticks on Version 1.16 Candidate 1.  Please enjoy.   The [ Unreal Tournament ] has moved to a faster machine and internet connection, Please enjoy.  [ HARDWARE ] has been updated to reflect the new updates as well.

6/10/2020 - All of our Unreal Tournament Servers are online and working super fast.  The Redirection has been moved to its own server providing even faster game loads for all of our custom maps.   Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 have also been moved to their own server and have been getting alot of traffic.  Glad to see that you guys enjoy what we offer.  If you notice ANY problems please e-mail me so i can get them fixed. [ jonspatz@hotmail.com ]

6/4/2020 - Right now i have almost ALL the game servers offline and am trying to restructure for best configuration to maximize bitcoin mining.  Thats what keeps the systems running and alive because it seems like everyone like to come here but no one wants to help with time, items, or donations.  Right now I am working on The basic Website, The WildCat BBS, and CryptoCurrency.  Get back to the roots.  I have added over 20,000 files to the wildcat bbs in the past 2 days.  Just adding what the people want and getting that back together.  Funeral Quest and TradeWars 2002 are online also because they are bbs related.  I am running everything on the DSL Connection right now so things will/may be a little slow.  The Rented Servers are gone.  I will keep you posted with more info... Check back often to see what's new.  So, To Recap, Wildcat BBS, Funeral Quest, TradeWars 2002, The e-mail Servers, our CryptoCoin sites, and basic websites.  Enjoy.

6/3/2020 - I have dropped both of the rented servers because there just getting too expensive.  I have a 1000/35 Xfinity Connection here at home so i will be hosting locally for now.  I also moved ALL of the Websites and BBS Stuff to the DSL line and moved some bitcoin miners around too.  This can be reflected in the [ HARDWARE ] Section.  I am going to get back to my basics and rebuild everything.  I have decided to take some time off from running the game servers.  I will have Unreal Tournament & MineCraft running on the Xfinity connection but thats about it for now.   I reset the bbs and all the door games to reflect tournaments where you can with A2K4.COM Gift Certificates to buy hardware or movies and such.  I do need to get the bbs back up to where it used to be with calls and files, heck, we had over 200,000 files, over 350 users, and approx 5-8 calls a day.  You can learn about the BBS [ HERE ].  I also have the Funeral Quest and TradeWars 2002 Online.  Both running in Tournament mode, check them out.  So, to recap BBS stuff online, Unreal Tournament & MineCraft online, Movies and Retro FTP online, Everything else will come back online later.  Please consider donating to the system, Hardware, Movies, Cash, whatever, we can use it.   As always we will keep you up to date on everything BitCoin and CryptoCurrency.

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