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( Stop Light System Used.  Green is BEST, Yellow is OK, and Red Sucks )

    BetterHash is a great CPU and GPU Miner with tons of features.  Will automatically switch to the most profitable coin and well as convert those coins to BTC (BitCoin) automatically if you wish.  Great Profit and Easy to setup.  Yes, BetterHash is better then NiceHash, lol...
   NiceHash is one of the top CPU/GPU Miner out there.   Great Graphical Interface and it auto adjusts to mine the most profitable coin.  If your just learning or want to make some passive income while your machine is idle, this is the miner for you.
   CoinBase is the BEST crypto wallet.  It allows Deposits, Withdr4awals, and Conversions between coins.  You can also link you US Bank Account for deposits or to purchase coin with cash.  ACH Transfers within 24 hours.  I would 110% Recommend them.  Been using them for over 3 years and have never had a single problem.  Tons of useful tools for mining.  They also PAY YOU to take CryptoCoin classes.  Watch a 5 Minute Video and get $2 in your coin account.
   NEXO is a online CryptoCoin wallet that allows you to borrow against your coin without unplugging your investment.  They also pay between 4% and 10% DAILY Interest on the coins you let them hold.  100% Insured..
   SlushPool is BY FAR the best Mining Pool for BTC & ZEC!   Accepts the Braiin OS+ Software for auto tuning.  Low Fees.  You must be running an ASIC MINER though, They do not support CPU/GPU Mining.  Amazing Web Biased user interface, Worker Adjustments, automatic Withdrawals and more.   If you have a BTC/ZEC Miner this is the place to go.  Been with them over 2 Years now and no problems or downsides to report.
   MinerGate used to be good but there is next to no support anymore, The GPU mining side is dead and over half of the coins are no longer minable.   Only good for CPU Monero anymore.

Mining Software We Recommend.  ( WINDOWS )

NiceHash v. MinerGate GUI v1.7
BetterHash Installer  

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